C-Note and Lil Flip's T.I. Diss Track Still Goes Hard, 15 Yeas Later

C-Note and Lil Flip’s Collaborative Beef Track Still Goes Hard, 15 Years Later

15 years ago, C-Note and Lil’ Flip were beefing with T.I. over something. Fortunately, though, the beef lasted long enough for C-Note and Flip to record a diss track, aptly titled, “Fuck T.I.

The song itself goes hard, showcasing a unique combination of C-Note and Lil’ Flip. The song’s hook is simply “Fuck TI” but what it lacks in words, they make up for with a heavy dose of rhythm and swagger.

Overall, you’ll probably replay it at least once and then sing the hook in your head hours later. Not that there’s any animosity or dislike for T.I., but this is how it is and, really, he’s probably not sweating it, either. T.I. had the last laugh, however. This was right around the “RubberBand Man” days, just before he blows up and takes over the game for a few years.

Meanwhile, maybe C-Note and Lil Flip should have considered going halves on an album. They seem to be complementary of one another, at least while ripping on T.I.

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