DJ Screw and 20-2-Life-Servin' A Deuce

Back on the Streets, Gotta Make Some Bread, After Servin a Deuce

DJ SCREW deserves extra credit for this one.

  1. Introducing us to #SCREWED 20-2-Life is a gift. Because 20-2-Life was a local Houston duo that rapped almost exclusively about prison. 20-2-Life was for Incarceration, what the Fat Boys were for Snacks, sort of. SCREW did what know SCREW to do: Made it one of our favorites-on an album with nothing but classics, we still gotta hear track 6.
  2. Spend a few minutes contemplating the reality many face when hitting the streets-after Servin a Deuce. It is no doubt a tough scenario that is probably more tough to relate. So, I suggest, just let the DJ SCREW and 20-to-Life collaboration spin, You might be enlightened or inspired or at the very least feel blessed to beat the pavement everyday. Some are not so lucky.

#Dedicated to all the soldiers inside looking out. #freeCoreyBlount

I wan’t even aware of them until Track 6 of 3 ‘N The Mornin (Part 2). As far as I’m concerned,

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