Pimp Tha Pen - A DJ Screw and Lil Keke Collaboration

Pimp Tha Pen – A DJ Screw and Lil Keke Collaboration

From the moment it starts to the last track, 3 N Tha Mornin is one of the best 80 minutes of continuous Screw. Track #1 is Lil Keke “Pimp Tha Pen”, a showcase of lyrical mastery by the Don and table-mastery by the Legend. Screw’s introductory shoutouts are immediately followed up by some of the most memorable lines ever rapped. Similar to Ro’s “Mo City Don”, every line is on point, delivered directly from the dome of one of Houston’s Greatest Emcee’s.

I’m draped up and dripped out
Know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
Three in the mornin’, gettin’ the gat out the stash spot
Fire up a fat sweet
Turnin’ on the bulb lights
Hand on the wood grain
Ass on the tight white…

DJ Screw is simultaneouosly applying the syrup to the track, while showing off his ever-evolving skillset.

Whoever got these two together did the world a favor. Thank you, from the ScrewedUp.Click team! The DJ Screw + Lil Keke team was a true dynasty, and “Pimp Tha Pen” is a championship performance.
3 N Tha Mornin is KeKe-heavy and feels like an exclusive Screw-Keke collaboration, with a dope guest list providing the spacing between Keke tracks.

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