Big Moe, HAWK, and Lil Keke Serenade the South with "S.U.C."

Big Moe, HAWK, and Lil Keke Serenade the South with “S.U.C.”

“Windows down, speakers up, and something special in the cup.”

Ya’ll didn’t know the web administrator had bars…Truthfully, this collaboration from Big Moe, H.A.W.K. and Lil Keke on “S.U.C.” will have your Grandma spitting rhymes and feeling vibes, reminiscing on dropping first first four in a Sprite. Good vibes.

“S.U.C.” at Full Speed?

Okay, but this is my blog so I’m gonna do it.

You might be feeling some type of way the fast ass tempo of this version. but the 40 other posts are the screwedest, choppedest, and scratchedest shit ever to be recorded to cassettes. I hope you can stick with me, but you got a phone or a laptop (or if you’re a true Screwhead, the factory tape deck in the Cutlass), and you can get back to it in a minute!

Personally, the full speed hits me different on this one. Like many, the first taste I had was slow and chopped up by the Originator, himself. It’s right!

Let’s give this all-star trio all the credit for taking the undeniable Bill Withers classic, “Just the Two of Us”, and giving it that H-town spice.

Big Moe, Big HAWK, and Lil Keke – “S.U.C.” is a Screwed Up Click Anthem

Big Moe needs a shoutout (as usual) for paying homage in the best way possible to this familiar classic. He brings his best and smoothest baritone melodies and shows respect for the Bill Withers masterpiece.

When H.A.W.K. grabs the mic, he makes you know this ain’t “Grandma’s Hands”. Relentlessly representing the heart and soul of the Screwed Up Click culture, H.A.W.K. puts on true lyrical clinic, a Hawkins family tradition, on any track, Somehow, he even seems to elevate his focus and energy working the mic anticipating Moe’s impending soulful hook around the corner.

Ladies and gentlemen, what we’ve just discussed would have been a straight fire SUC anthem forever in it’s own right, but the SUC always comes deep.

Enter Don Keke, the legendary founding member of SUC. Mr. Pimp the Pen himself got word that Moe and H.A.W.K. were cooking something up in the studio and would not be denied his turn on the mic, popping up in time to make haters mad and make SUC proud, giving the the mic the business and sending it back wet. Moe is not phased, hopping right in rotation to get the final turn and send this out with his one-of-a-kind brand of musical skill and swagger.


Sorry for the long-winded post, y’all came to hear the pros do it. Thanks for your patience.

Now, watch the damn video…


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