It's Going Down in That H-Town - Botany Boyz with Lil Keke and Big Moe

It’s Going Down in That H-Town – Botany Boyz with Lil Keke and Big Moe

The Screwed Up Click's Impression on H-Town and Vice Versa

While it’s entirely open for discussion, “H-Town” from Botany Boyz debut album, Thought of Many Ways, featuring Lil Keke and Big Moe does more to capture the essence of the Screwed Up Click, than any other recording that comes to mind.

SUC Collaboration (Regular-Speed!!)

Quite obviously, “H-Town” lacks any notable involvement from a key component of the Screwed Up Click, DJ Screw himself. I would argue, however, that DJ Screw is DJ Screw. His work and his status are entirely self-sufficient in their own right, and would be (possibly to a lesser extent) regardless of the formation of the Screwed Up Click.

The Screwed Up Click, is rather, a product of DJ Screw’s vision, talent, work ethic, and leadership. Were it not for DJ Screw’s body of work, the Screwed Up Click would not have existed. This is not to say that individuals within the Screwed Up Click would not have gone on to have success, but to say that the Screwed Up Click as we know it, would never have existed.

Considering the Screwed Up Click from this perspective, “H-Town” epitomizes the unification of talented SUC members and delivers an era-defining ode to the city that plays an equally integral role in the formation and success of the SUC.

Impact on the City

At the same time, this track can be representative of the collective attitude of H-Town, as a whole, towards the independent and underground music scene. As a result, Houston became home to one of the most significant independent music scenes in the world.

Whether, the SUC inspired Houston, or whether Houston inspired the SUC, the end result is unique. This self-sustaining culture that still feeds and influences today.  #fortheculture

Regardless of your viewpoint, “H-Town” belongs on every Screwed Up Click or Houston Rap “Best of” playlists. Best played at HIGH volume in your SLAB or pickup or 2019 or mom-mobile or…

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