DJ Screw and Al-D-Why You Hatin' Me

DJ Screw and Al-D-Why You Hatin’ Me

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DJ Screw and Al-D are back together on this 3 ‘N The Mornin’ classic. Having recently been Lost in the Hood, the duo has emerged to lay down some tracks for DJ Screw’s upcoming album.

Unfortunately, there’s no time to relax as, immediately, they come face-to-face with some haters. The question is asked “Why You Hatin’ Me”, but apparently there is No Reason At All.

And that just doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes, the shit just doesn’t stop. What can you do? As Chad Butler once said, “It just be like that sometimes.” And yeah, Dom Perignon is supposed to bubble, but those bubbles aren’t making the problems disappear.

When the forecast is cloudy with unusual amounts of bullshit, rip a page out of Robert Davis and Albert Driver’s playbook. Staying focused on the grind, DJ Screw and Al-D lived their dreams and reached success. While some channel their focus and energy on their pursuit of spreading the hate, the road to success becomes less crowded for those with the desire and resolve to maintain focus.

SCREW was too busy for the plex. Pimp C stopped smoking with haters back in ’94. Z-Ro is writing love songs to the naysayers.

Here’s to lapping some haters and here’s to DJ Screw, Pimp C and others who’ve left the blueprint for handling the adversity. Crank this one up and keep your eyes on the prize.

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