Taking a G Ride with ESG and DJ SCREW

Taking a G Ride with ESG and DJ SCREW

Screwed Up Click hall-of-famer ESG has just dropped his brand new “Trill Republik“. Give it a listen.

But first, journey with us to the Southside of Houston in the year 1990-What?-5. Cell phones weigh several pounds, every car has a cassette deck, and ESG’s Sailin’ Da South was the cassette of choice in South Houston.

SCREW was feeling that Sailin Da South, and ESG in general, when putting 3 ‘N The Mornin’ together. ESG even contributes the hilarious-but-true “Watch Yo Screw” interlude dialogue.

One particular ESG track that gets better as it gets slower is G Ride. SCREW gives this track a completely different spin, transforming it into a different experience entirely than its non-SCREWED counterpart.

Have a listen and share your thoughts in the comments below.


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