Watch an Entire Club Serenade Z-RO with Acapella Performance of ‘Mo City Don’

Watch Entire Club Give Acapella Performance of ‘Mo City Don’ for Z-RO

Screwed Up Click hall-of-famer Z-RO has never stopped grinding. He was originally brought into the SUC in 1997 around the time he dropped “Look What You Did to Me”-an album he considers “shaky” at best. The album was still better than the average-and was ultimately a factor in getting hooked up with SCREW and Co.

Z-RO is his own toughest critic, however, but we shouldn’t argue, lest we interfere with his process. His process is a recipe which provides a continuous stream of underground classics for the streets to enjoy.

In 2005, Z-RO blessed Houston and the world with “Let the Truth Be Told,” a cover-to-cover masterpiece that remains in heavy rotation for true fans of 3rd Coast more than a decade later.

Personally, I remember the day I picked it up. It would be a full 24 hours before I listened to it all the way through. Track 1 had to be repeated, repeatedly.

“Mo City Don” is the perhaps the most compelling Track 1 of ANY album, from the 3rd Coast or otherwise, and immediately became an all-time classic in the South, all with no hook.

Z-RO’s relentless work-ethic and raw lyrical ability are epitomized in a major way on Mo City Don. Freestyling some of the most iconic lines, one after another, for the entire 4:25-length track without once thinking of passing the mic.

We loved it and still love it. This entirely acapella line-for-line performance of Mo City Don, by an entire club of fans proves it. Please enjoy:


We are truly blessed to have you in our streets and in our headphones and in our hearts.  ZROMOCITYDON thanks for keeping it real and for keeping the real rap alive in Htown.

You don’t always have to rap for us….sometimes, we just want to rap for you. We know who is truly King of the Ghetto.